Here's my collected fanfiction works, originally published on AO3,
as well as some never-published drafts and snippets.
Each fic has links to any accompanying goodies, such as moodboards, playlists, and audio.

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

27-MAR-2023: Simulacrum

20-MAR-2023: Empires Fall (series) 4/6 Parts Complete

26-JAN-2023: Dissolution

16-DEC-2022: La Dame aux Camélias

02-NOV-2022: Requiem

28-SEP-2022: Oneshot (collection)

13-SEP-2022: Sanguine

27-AUG-2022: Melancholia (Multichap)

30-JUL-2022: Interlude

29-APR-2022: The Space Between

23-DEC-2021: Maya-HiME (Mai-HiME AU)

18-APR-2021: The Radiance of a Single Star (Multichap)

Bang Dream: Girls Band Project

16-JUL-2022: √Čtude in Blue


22-JAN-2021: Something Wicked (Multichap - incomplete)